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Registered NZ Charity: CC24887

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Missions Interlink NZ Council Member

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A Missionary Ventures programme in Malaysia is working with Vietnamese migrant workers, helping to turn their lives around through counselling, practical assistance and discipleship.

Since the recent economic downturn, the situation for many Vietnamese migrant workers in Malaysia has become precarious and unstable.  They may be mistreated by their employers, scammed by bogus agencies or struggling with addictions.  Many have returned home already, but others have no work and can’t return to Vietnam.  Just to get released from their contracts, they are expected to pay at least US$3000 to their employment 'agencies'.  As a result, crime among Vietnamese workers has increased, raiding and stripping their own people, resulting sometimes in injury and even death.

Vietnamese MV staff based in Malaysia befriend these workers, in time inviting them to an evangelistic event.  Once they have received Christ they go through a long process of counselling, social help, Biblical teaching, training and much prayer!  As God transforms their lives, they grow stronger in Him and as individuals – able to face their otherwise hopeless situations with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.  Some of these workers are now about to take over the teaching of the Biblical foundation course for believers.

It is exciting to see how these precious lives can be so redeemed and transformed through new life in Jesus, and Missionary Ventures is looking to involve  team members for trips in 2011 and raise financial support for this vital, ongoing ministry.