Christian Motorcyclists Association

Through the efforts of the Christian Motorcyclists' Association, ministering in partnership with Missionary Ventures, Open Doors and the JESUS film project across the world, only God Himself can count the souls won and churches planted through these ministries.


better equipped to spread the Gospel around the world! Twelve new churches are known to have been planted with the use of one motorcycle.

Typically most of these pastors will plant a new church within the first two years and see at least 100 people come to Christ.

We partner globally with the Christian Motorcyclists Association to provide indigenous pastors and evangelists with motorcycles, bicycles, boats, horses and even snowmobiles as they go into difficult situations and endure tremendous challenges to present the Gospel.

Over the past year, 378 motorcycles, 210 bicycles, 6 boats and 5 horses have been given in 39 countries including Pakistan, Rwanda, The Philippines, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and the Congo.

These vital tools make a real impact on the Pastors and the communities they are trying to reach - where there are usually very few or no believers. Since the relationship with CMA started 30 years ago, 105 nations have been blessed with over 6,200 motorcycles, 6,800 bicycles, 34 boats, 36 horses, 2 snowmobiles and a camel – resulting in more than 13,000 Pastors and Evangelists

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