Donate your portable device or smartphone!

Philip Gonzales (Field Coordinator - MVPhilippines) with some of the 14 laptops recently donated to Agape school

Our Field Coordinators and ministry partners are always in need of portable devices to help them communicate effectively with our office as well as their co-workers, produce reports, use Bible-study tools, etc.

Over the past year alone we’ve been able to distribute more than 20 laptops to our ministry partners and co-workers across the Asia-Pacific region and Africa.

A donation of just $260 can help us provide a quality refurbished ultra-portable notebook with the most recent Windows software installed.

Or, maybe you have a spare notebook PC, tablet or smart-phone that is in good, working condition but no longer needed?

If you would consider donating your old device, and so long as it’s in working condition and not too old, we can usually update the software and extend its usable life for a few more years!

Please contact us for more info or to arrange a pickup or drop-off.

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