Do you feel called to serve a certain nation?

Is there a specific ministry that speaks to your heart?

These are some of the nations with opportunities for teams and individuals to take part in the Great Commission.


The Philippines





Papua New Guinea


East Malaysia

malawi vanuatu






#CebuNewsCEBU - Pastor Rolly Vasey and a small team from Cebu are currently in Naga City distributing essential goods and ministering to traumatised survivors who have lost family members, and their homes, following a massive landslide. 51 people have so far been confirmed dead, and 45 are still missing. more>

MINDANAO - Praise God for the relief effort in Jolo (capital of the Sulu archipelago) by Bishop Philip Gonzalez with other members of the Mindanao Evangelical Leaders Council, following a major fire that destroyed homes and displaced 3,200 families. Pray that that the church across Sulu will be strengthened following their visit, and for open doors for future ministry in this Muslim-majority region where IS-inspired Abu Sayyaf still operates. more>


MINDORO - Praise God that after recent serious flooding across Mindoro island, Pastor Danny Macuha mobilised church leaders across the island to distribute essential relief in several affected communities, including some Mangyan Tribal villages.

Already, four Mangyan tribal communities are installing clean water systems on Mindoro island, and safe water will be flowing very soon!  more>

Many of our overseas field workers are currently responding to recent disasters.

Please pray for God's strength and presence to be with them as they sacrifice much to minister the love of Jesus to hurting communities.


Sulawesi - We're working with our partners Yayasan Pondok Kasih (House of Love Foundation) in Surabaya, Indonesia to send out desperately needed supplies to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that has devastated Palu city. more>

Mia is responsible for approx. 40 youth on Lombok island following recent major earthquakes.

The youth have been traumatised and their building is uninhabitable, so they've been forced to live in makeshift shelters on the streets.

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