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Registered NZ Charity: CC24887

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When the massive earthquake shook Haiti on 12 January 2010, countless precious lives were lost, families broken, roads ripped apart, buildings collapsed and the coastline changed - all in just 35 seconds.  Missionary Ventures' Field Coordinators in Haiti - Ed Lockett and Candy Reiger - were already on the ground and thankfully unhurt. They quickly set to work helping wherever they could – ferrying people to hospitals, building shelters and distributing food.

Ed was translating for some US Marines who were trying to set up food distribution programmes – but they were proving difficult to implement because of widespread looting, and even when food did get through the strongest people would push their way to the front.  Ed quickly realised that as he had been running a successful feeding programme for 14 years, he already a good system in place and so was able to work alongside the US Marines – at least in Port au Prince – to ensure that everyone who came would have access to essential provisions.

Meanwhile, Missionary Ventures' offices around the world raised over $110,000 of support and International president Glen Dubois led an emergency response through which containers of aid (including tents and tarps) were shipped to Haiti, followed by relief teams and ongoing support.  Missionary venture International has now drawn up a long-term strategic plan to continue MV's commitment and involvement in Haiti well into the future.

For the latest Haiti update and MV's other work around the world visit our international site: www.mvi.org

Earthquake Relief