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Help us raise funds for long term strategic solutions

Your donation now (any amount) will help prevent sickness and

possibly death in the future, and as water becomes harder to source.

Malawi Drought Response

Just over one year ago Ps Moses (MV Field Coordinator for Malawi) wrote to tell us that “the hunger situation in Kasungu district … is now at terrible peak. Our local pastor and his family are surely sleeping without food now. Children are no longer in school due to hunger as mostly go to be for three or four days without basic food. Pray that God will help his people from dying of hunger here.”

Following some generous donations from NZ supporters, we praise God that we were able to raise funds to drill three bore holes for clean drinking water and to irrigate crops. We now want to help our Malawi co-workers with their vision for more sustainable projects for the people of Kasungu:

Projects in need of support in and around Kasungu:

Boreholes – To alleviate future water supply issues (approx. $2,400 each)

Gardening - Moderate the water supply issues in the future by engaging communities in gardening projects

Animal Production - Rearing pigs is just one practical and cost-effective solution to help communities improve their livelihoods

Training - Empower communities business skills and microfinance projects

Yayasan Pondok Kasih (the House of Love Foundation) is a dynamic Christian organisation based in East Java and reaches out to over 50 poor and marginalised communities in Indonesia's 2nd largest city. 

Many of these communities have up to 300 people each and are situated in such places as under a motorway bridge, on garbage tips or even in a graveyard.  One community comprises displaced victims of a huge mud disaster through which thousands or homes and livelihoods were destroyed.

MV offices in Australia and NZ partner with Pondok Kasih to serve and assist them in this vital, growing ministry.  People from Muslim, Hindu and Christian background alike are offered skills, training and other assistance such as clean water and sanitation systems as a practical demonstration of God's love.

MVNZ is committing to assist the the Foundation’s water and sanitation projects where possible, by raising funds and

involving consulting engineers with relevant experience on the field. Since these projects began in the early 2000s, the impact has been amazing, including:

Surabaya & environs: over 760 systems

Sumatra: over 200 systems - following the tsunami disaster

Sulawesi: 5 moulds sent

Central Java: over 1,385 systems for poor families

Madura: over 100 systems

Your gift (any amount) will help provide safe, clean water for even more household or community - while opening the door for Community Health Education programmes as practical expressions of God's love.

Clean Water for Indonesia